Chronos for AutoCAD

Chronos for AutoCAD Chronos for AutoCAD - Automatic Time Logging for AutoCAD, Job Log, History Log Elapsed Time Last Accessed by Counts of various drawing entities The following data is recorded for each user: User Last Accessed Date & Time User Original Time User Edit Time User Elapsed Time Recorded data can be saved to a Comma Delimited Text File or an Excel Spreadsheet. Textual and Graphical display can be saved to Jpeg files for use in Power Point presentations. Chronos also records AutoCAD session data: Computer Name User Name Session Begin

CadTempo CadTempo is an automated time keeping solution for CAD documents.

CadTempo is an automated time keeping solution for CAD documents and users. CadTempo logs all users that access the CAD document and tracks the elapsed and actual edit time spent while also maintaining a history of when the file was opened and closed. One click time reporting for logged session times, tasks and activities.

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Lifespan Age Calculator by Peter Riddell 3.0

elapsed. Can also subtract an age from an end date to caclulate a start date.. Very useful for government forms in my country, thats for sure. ELAPSED TIME CALCULATION eg: DD/MM/YYYY -- DD/MM/YYYY == X days Y months Z years START DATE CALCULATION eg: DD/MM/YYYY -- X days Y months Z years == DD/MM/YYYY A tiny footprint (35k zipped, 80k unzipped) makes Lifespan Age Calculator very easy to email to a friend and easy on your computer too ;) Did I mention

tree, date, time, calculate, software, genealogy, subtract, lifespan, calculator, family

VITimer 2.0: Clock Timer with a list of Tasks and possibility to start your files
VITimer 2.0

elapsed or the day`s Time will be reached) - if you have selected "Beep", the Beep tone will be played (with according Frequency in Hertz and duration in Milliseconds) - if you have selected "Run file", select a file to start when Delay is elapsed (or day`s time is reached) - you can select any files to run (music, video, pictures, applications etc), for example "best song.mp3", "Sunrise.jpg", "Account.doc", "Year Report.xls" etc - your computer

count up, wait for time, task, timer, beep, clock, alarm, run file, count down

Outlook Express Password Recovery Download password recovery software to break your lost or misplaced passwords
Outlook Express Password Recovery

elapsed passwords which are created on outlook express e-mail accounts. Restore outlook express lost password tool is an easy way to carry your lost, elapsed passwords, logins back when you trying to find. Features: * The utility can instantly retrieve outlook express identity passwords. * Outlook express password revealer supports multilingual password recovery. * System required Pentium class processor, 128 MB RAM and 20 MB free memory space. *

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Axife Chronometer 3.01: Get to know how many seconds have elapsed since your birth!
Axife Chronometer 3.01

Did you celebrate your 10,000th day or 1,000,000,000th second? Axife Chronometer is a small and easy to use application that lets you know the exact number of seconds, minutes, hours and days that have elapsed since your birth.

seconds, period, jubilee, date, time, anniversary, round, difference, birthday, calculate

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iTunesK1 1.2.2

iTunesK1 allows to control your iTunes through a very simple graphic interface similar to the quick-well of your iPod. on the interface there can be shown the title of the song, the artist or the album, the elapsed and remaining time. iTunesK1 is a freeware software which has been specifically created to thank the Community for its precious support.LinkMakerUtility

itunes, music, player, linkmaker

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